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This hands-on training shall cover the concepts from RequisitePro to enable project teams to manage better the requirements & write effective use case. This enables to strengthen collaboration, reduce re-work in projects and increases overall quality.

At the end of this session the participants shall be able to capture, edit, view and manage requirements and relevant requirement documents in ReqPro Project Explorer.

The course coverage includes
•  Overview of Requirements
•  Introduction to the ReqPro Explorer
•  Unravelling database requirements in ReqPro database
•  Defining requirement attributes
•  Understanding Requirement parent/child relationship
•  Creating documents in a Project
•  Moving requirements in a document
•  Deleting requirements in a document
•  Creating views as reports and tables
•  Working in an attribute matrix
•  Moving requirements in and out of document
•  Creating requirements for traceability
•  Following links in the trace matrix
•  Following links in the trace tree
•  Working with suspect links
•  Creating filters for reports and tables
•  Sorting reports and tables
•  Business Modelling with UML
•  Mastering Requirements Management with Use Cases