1. Application Support [INR 2,000 or USD 39]


2. One-to-one Faculty Interaction Service for 1 hour [INR 2,500 or USD 49]


3. Model Exams [INR 2,500 or USD 49]


4. Pre-Exam Review session for 1 hour [INR 2,500 or USD 49]


5. BPMN 2.0 [INR 4,999 or USD 79]
Introduction | Elements | Gateways: Splits & Merges | Splitting & Merging without Gateways | Collaborations | Events | Activities | Handling of Exceptions | Transactions and Compensations | Data Objects in Processes | Choreographies | Conversations


6. UML 2.0 [INR 4,999 or USD 79]
The history of object-oriented analysis and design methods, Software engineering, Responsibility-driven versus data-driven approaches, Translational versus elaborational approaches, Object-oriented analysis and design using UML, Types and classes, Object structures, Using use cases to discover types, Invariants and rulesets, Invariants and encapsulation, State models, Moving to component design, The design process, Documenting models, Real-time extensions, Identifying objects, Task analysis, Kelly grids, CASE tools , Patterns, architecture and decoupled design, Design patterns for decoupling, Designing components, Components for flexibility, Large-scale connectors, Mapping the business model to the implementation, Notation summary, Object modelling symbols, Action (use case) modelling symbols, Sequence and collaboration diagram symbols, State modelling symbols, Action or activity diagram symbols, Implementation and component modelling symbols, Collaborations and patterns, Real-time notation: ports and connectors


7. Business Case [INR 4,999 or USD 79]
Introduction | Defining the Business Case | Agreeing on the Scope | Comparing Costs and Benefits | Managing Business Case Risk | Targeting Your Recommendation | Crafting a Persuasive Business Case | Presenting the Business Case


8. BRD [INR 4,999 or USD 79]
What is a requirement?| Types of requirement| Identifying desired benefits| Eliciting Business requirements| Solution Scope| Product Scope| Project Scope| Context Diagram| BRD template| Audience of BRD


9. Lean [INR 4,999 or USD 79]
Lean Overview & Commitment | the Entry to Lean | the Lean Change Agent | Lean Efficiencies | Lean Toolkit | Quality & Delivery | Excellence & Roadmap | Enabling Lean, Lean Results


10. Six Sigma [INR 4,999 or USD 79]
Introduction | Basic Statistics | Six Sigma Methodologies | Define Stage | Measure Stage | Analyze Stage | Improve Stage | Control Stage | Control Charts


11. MS Visio [INR 4,999 or USD 79]
Process Mapping, Current State and Future State Examples, Gap Analysis, Shapes, Tips to Draw Stunning Process Maps, Charting with Visio, Swim Lanes, Type of Templates, Use Visio Layers / Assignment, Manage Page Setup, Link to External Data, Manage Linked Data, Automatically Refresh Data, Run a Report, Create a New Report, Additional Formatting, Connection Point Types, Zoom / Zoom Panel, Collaboration with Visio, Use a Callout, Create a Hyperlink, Link to a Document/ Diagram, Network and Process Diagrams, Network Diagrams, BPMN Diagrams, Process Validation, Create Sub Process, Create a Graphic, Publish Visio Diagrams to the Web, Export etc.


12. User Stories [INR 4,999 or USD 79]
User Stories in Agile Development | User Stories and Personas | Gathering User Story Techniques | Story Gathering Techniques & Product Backlogs | User Stories in Sprint Planning | Execution and Acceptance | User Stories Essentials


13. Data Modelling [INR 4,999 or USD 79]
Introduction to Logical Data Modeling | Project Context and Drivers | Conceptual Data Modeling | Conceptual Data Modeling | Rules | Identifying Attributes | Advanced Relationships | Completing the Logical Data Model | Data Integrity through Normalization | Verification and Validation


14. Prototyping [INR 4,999 or USD 79]
Prototyping Basics – What is a prototype, how prototyping helps the user, experience, Defining prototype goals, Building effective prototypes. The prototyping process – Design process overview, Scoping projects, Sketching ideas, Understanding prototype fidelity, Paper prototypes, Paper prototype materials, Paper prototype techniques, Low-fidelity prototypes, Building Low-fidelity prototypes, High- fidelity prototypes, Building High-fidelity prototypes, Testing and evaluating prototypes. Tooling and Resources – Choosing the right tool, Common prototyping tools, online prototyping tools, Paper prototyping resources, Keynote and PowerPoint resources, Prototyping frameworks.